Nitrocellulose symposium 2018: list of présentation/poster    

A Characterization and properties of nitrocellulose 6

B Safety, stability and ageing of NC and NC based material 8
C Synthesis / processing of NC and preparation / processing of NC based material 6
D Effect of NC on performance propellant and explosives 6





abstracts / poster
oral presentation type poster
Monique VAN HULST TNO NETHERLAND Identifying differences between wood- and cotton-based cellulose and its nitrated product: an analytical approach 1 A
Mark PENNY BAE Sytems UK UK Initial steps towards large scale production of UK LOVA Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) propellants 1 D
Adam Halford AWE UK UK rheology of plastized binder formulation 1 C
mark HARDMAN ROXEL UK UK Sharing Safety Lessons Learned From Experience 1 B
Antonio MORAN EXPAL Propellant Systems SPAIN universal calibration for SEC of nitrocellulose 1 A
Oldrich VECERECK SYNTHESIA CZECH REPUBLIC Study of Nitrocellulose Self-ignition Temperature 1 B
Peng HUAN  SNC CHINA Tianjin Explosion accident and industrial NC 1 B
Lauri VALTOLA NAMMO NORWAY New raw materials for the production of cellulose nitrates 1 C
Harry Hope AWE UK UK Evaluation of a ‘stabiliser cocktail’ for a plasticised nitrocellulose explosive binder system 1 B
Damien CHAVEROUX EURENCO BERGERAC FRANCE Near Infrared Spectroscopy for the Quality control of Felting Combustible Cartridge Cases: From samples to analysis 1 A
Manfred BOHN FRAUNHOFER Institute GERMANY Characterization of ageing of double base propellants by not often used measurement properties 1 D
Francis P. SULLIVAN US Army  RDECOM-ARDEC USA A Universal Kinetic Model for the Nitration of Cellulose Fibers in Mixed Acids 1 C
Dan Lee US Army ARDEC  Picatinny USA Evaluation of Nitrocellulose (NC) and Gun Propellants Made with Kraft (Sulfate) Cellulose: Dan Lee 1 D
 Mo Elalem and Kristy Klein US Army ARDEC  Picatinny USA Characterization and Optimization of Sheet Properties from Domestically Sourced Cellulose Materials for Ideal NitroCellulose Manufacturing 1 C
Prima Kharisma I. Yahya CRANFIELD University UK Compatibility and ballistic properties of graphene oxide modified nitrate esters for novel propellant  formulation 1 D
Matthew ANDREWS NATO USA life assessment of Nitrocellulose-based Energetic Materials: LOVA, Flare and CCC 1 B
Stephen VELARDE ORBITAL ATK USA InFuse™ Nitrocellulose:  Production, Propellant, and Potential 1 C
Michael  RAMIN NITROCHEMIE-WIMMIS SWITZERLAND stability testing of nitrocellulose 1 B
Beat VOGELSANGER michael RAMIN NITROCHEMIE-WIMMIS SWITZERLAND Status of NATO-Standard for Nitrocellulose Testing 1 A
Bob WALL ROXEL UK UK Making a Process Safer Using a ‘Less Safe’ Material 1 B
nicola BARNETT/ Emma STUBBS AWE UK UK Intoduction of the CHN elemental analysis of Nitrocellulose at AWE
and an  update on the progress towards reliable nitrocellulose molecular mass distribution at AWE
1 A
Mario PAQUET GD OTS Canada CANADA Review of the fibre structure of cotton and wood cellulose/nitrocellulose and influence on nitration and solvent reactivity 1 C
M Parker CRANFIELD University UK Chemiluminescence: Investigating the thermo-chemical decomposition mechanism of nitrocellulose 1 B
Denis SENS RAYONIER ADVANCED MATERIALS FRANCE High Purity Woodpulps for the Nitrocellulose Industry 1
Nigel RUTTER MOD UK UK an overview of propellant qualification strategy 1 D
Claude GUILLAUME MANUCO FRANCE viscosity  type Bergerac and degree of polymérisation determined by SEC (size exclusion chromatography) 1 A
Frederic PAQUET GD OTS Canada CANADA Detonability of NC, water/solvent wet NC and NC base propellant material: B 1
Ian LEVAC GD OTS Canada CANADA Presentation of a technical paper on safety of storage and handling of NG spent acid B 1
Francis P. SULLIVAN US Army  RDECOM-ARDEC USA Modeling Mass Transfer and Chemical Reaction in the Industrial-Scale Nitration of Densified Wood Pulps C 1
Monique VAN HULST/van Geest TNO NETHERLAND Phosgene-free synthesis of Akardite-II 1
Matti HAMALAINEN NAMMO NORWAY Environmental improvements with cost savings in Nitrocellulose manufacturing process at Vihtavuori plant C 1
Mark PENNY BAE Sytem UK UK Small scale assessment of LOVA Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) propellants for Large Calibre Gun Systems D 1
Moritz HEIL FRAUNHOFER Institute GERMANY Investigation of naturally aged NC based propellants B 1
CA Callaghan CRANFIELD University UK the incorporation of graphene-based nanomaterials with nitrocellulose B 1
Y Mohammed CRANFIELD University UK The Effect of Moisture on High Temperature Ageing of Extruded Double Base Propellant B 1
Dominique MOINEAU TECHPAP FRANCE fiber length distribution: equipment A 1
Michel TERRAY MALVERN FRANCE SEC (size exclusion chromatography) :  equipment A 1
Philippe VIOLLE Sympatec FRANCE particles size analysis A 1
Ken OKADA AIST JAPAN synthesis and thermal analysis of Nitro cellulose nano fiber C 1
jesus miguel Hernandez EXPAL Propellant Systems SPAIN stability of propellant studied with HFC A 1
Johon Burchett/Magdy Bichay NSWC IHEODTD USA recent development to improve safety and reduce cost with items using nitrate ester propellant (US Navy) B 1
TOTAL 26 15