5 • 6 • 7 • JUNE •  2018 • BERGERAC • FRANCE

8th International Nitrocellulose symposium in BERGERAC

SAVE THE DATE: JUNE 5-7th, 2018


The 8th International Nitrocellulose Symposium will be organized by MANUCO in BERGERAC ( very close to BORDEAUX) in the southwest of FRANCE

These series of Symposia has become the world’s premiere International gathering of the Nitrocellulose specialists.


It is a good opportunity to meet colleagues in a fertile atmosphere and share experiences and ideas on ways to enhance the industry and move the science of Nitrocellulose forward !

Latest news

  • A Characterization and properties of nitrocellulose 6 B Safety, stability and ageing of NC and NC based material 8 C Synthesis / processing of NC and preparation / processing of NC based material 6 D Effect of NC on performance propellant and explosives 6 NAME......

  • The goal of the 8th symposium is to present and discuss recent progress in all fields related to Nitrocellulose with a special interest to propellant applications   The different topics are: Characterization and properties of nitrocellulose •     Safety, stability and aging of NC......

  • The rooms of quite all the hotel in Bergerac have been reserved by symposium organizing committee until  May 15th  This date cannot be extended After this date, we cannot guaranty that rooms will be available Keep in mind that may and June are already touristic......